Two new symbols and a 3-point play!

Non-stop four player action!

Build, Battle, and Score: The Race to 100 Points Begins.!


The object of the game is to beat your opponents in bouts of JACK LABRADOR.

Each turn, players will build a tableau of cards.

Players then compete in Flip and Combat rounds to win cards and earn points.

Each card is worth one point. The first player to reach 100 points or more wins.

How to Play

  • Determine Strategy
    Start each turn by building a tableau of cards. Choose wisely, as each card plays a crucial role in your path to victory.
  • In Your Face Competition
    When the battle begins, it’s all or nothing. Play JACK LABRADOR in ‘Flip’ and ‘Combat’ rounds, where quick thinking and bold moves rule the streets. Every card you win brings you closer to the ultimate prize.
  • Claim Your Victory
    Each card is more than a win; it’s a point. Accumulate cards, build your score, and keep your eyes on the prize: reaching 100 points before anyone else.