Dare to Duel in PINK SLIP!

Risk It All, Win Big, Brag Forever

jack labrador pink slip cards


Welcome to ‘PINK SLIP’

The ultimate
JACK LABRADOR face-off where stakes are high, and the rewards are timeless.

Summon your courage, challenge an opponent, and battle to win their Pink Slip for life!

How to Play

Set the Stage
All you need is one deck, one Pink Slip, and your soul’s connection to JACK LABRADOR. Prepare for the duel of a lifetime.

The Commitment
Sign and date your Certificate of Title with enthusiasm—it’s your entry ticket to the game. Champions, remember to register your LabraCoin and note your unique ID on your Pink Slip.

The Showdown
Challenge an opponent to a game of ‘One Time’ or ‘Run it to Ten’ in JACK LABRADOR.

The Winner
The rules are simple: the victor takes the loser’s Pink Slip, keeping it as a trophy for ETERNITY. Bragging rights? Yours for life!