Rock, Paper, Scissors

Discover the greatest deck of card games ever!

1 Deck, 3 Games of non-stop action!
1 Deck, 3 Games
24/7 non-stop
#StreetPlay action!

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Watch Rebecca Scott show you how to play all three JACK LABRADOR card games. MOTOR CITY SHOWDOWN, Spell My Name, and Pink Slip!


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Motor City video
Spell My Name
Pink Slip
Card of Devastation
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Motor City video
Spell My Name
Pink Slip
Card of Devastation
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with Becca Scott

Watch Becca and her friends play all the JACK LABRADOR card games! Family friendly fun for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

What deck should I buy?

Bob recommends both.

You’ll want to keep one deck with you wherever you are so you can play anytime you like. That’s the Competition Deck.

You’ll also want the Champions Deck for the LabraCoin, the Champions Club, and the great looking box.

That’s why we created the Baby Bison bundle. Buy now. You won’t regret it.

Which of the three card games should I play first?

Here’s the blueprint for a lifetime of enjoyment.

      1. Buy a deck.
      2. Get training at the LabraDojo.
      3. Play Spell My Name.
      5. Finish your LabraDojo training.
      6. Play Pink Slip.

Or do whatever you want. Your life, your rules.

Is it mandatory for players to stand for a MOTOR CITY SHOWDOWN?

No, it is not. But most players find standing is a very natural reaction to the most exciting moment in the history of card games.

Is the "3 Bobs" rule an official rule or just urban legend?

For those that haven’t heard, the “3 Bobs” rule is this: In a Flip round, nothing escapes the gravitational pull of the Black Hole…except “3 Bobs.”

If the Black Hole card is played at the same time as all three Ravenous Like Javenous cards in a Flip round, the Black Hole is neutralized and the three players who played the Ravenous Like Javenous cards play One Time JACK LABRADOR to determine the winner of the game. 

Not the hand, but the game!

Bob cannot confirm or deny his ability to neutralize Black Holes in real life or in MOTOR CITY SHOWDOWN.

Try it. See if you like it.

Why should I join the LabraDojo?

Do you want to become the World's Second Greatest JACK LABRADOR player? Do you want to achieve greatness in all other aspects of your life? Then join now. Make Bob proud.

Should I buy the Mighty Bison Bundle?


Hey Bob, I love MOTOR CITY SHOWDOWN, but I’m not from Detroit. I’m from Toad Suck, AR. Will you make a TOAD SUCK SHOWDOWN deck?

TOAD SUCK SHOWDOWN it is! You don’t even need a nickname!

And if you’re not from Toad Suck or Detroit and want an edition with your hometown as the featured Showdown card, just send us your hometown and nickname to ToadSuck@JACKLABRADOR.COM

We’ll have the Hungry Bison tally up votes and see what happens.

Why should I register my LabraCoin?

First and most importantly, it assures you that your Champions Deck is authentic and not a counterfeit.

Secondly, the LabraCoin is the greatest looking player’s chip ever created.

Thirdly, because Bob’s says so.

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