Embark on an Epic Quest with SPELL MY NAME!

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: Can You Claim the Legendary J-A-C-K LABRADOR?

say my name jack labrador game card deck rock paper scissors


Welcome to ‘SPELL MY NAME,’ the game where quick thinking wins cards. Your goal? Beat your opponents, win their cards, and be the first to form the name J-A-C-K LABRADOR.

How to Play

  • Dive into the Deck
    The game uses 32 cards, each with a unique role. Your objective is to collect the right combination to spell ‘JACK LABRADOR.’ Special ‘Pretty Cards’ and ‘Cards of Purity’ add unexpected twists.
  • Knowledge is Power
    Understand the game’s core: JACK beats all but LABRADOR, and LABRADOR only wins over JACK. Use this to strategize and anticipate moves.
  • Conquer the Game
    Win by challenging others to quick ‘One Time’ matches. Claim victory, take a card, and aim to spell ‘JACK LABRADOR’ before anyone else.