From the bustling halls of Abbot Middle School just outside of Detroit, three inseparable friends, Deano, Willy, and Jack, shared an insatiable passion for Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Yet, as time passed, the simplicity of RPS began to lose its charm, leaving them yearning for something more engaging.

Their college years brought them some clarity and a dream was born.

United by their love for gaming and a shared vision of fun and action, they hatched a brilliant scheme: to reimagine the timeless game of rock, paper, scissors.

The trio added two new symbols and a 3-point play that would forever change the gaming landscape.



First, they invented "JACK," a powerful symbol that crushes the traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors with one  throw.

Then comes the second symbol. LABRADOR. 

LABRADOR loses to Rock, Paper, Scissors, but it beats JACK, and when playing up to ten, it’s worth 3 points.



Their life-long bonds of friendship that started in 7th grade flourished, bound together with their love of playing JACK LABRADOR. 

That unity had them yearning for more. Together they created a card game. Actually three, all in one deck.

Most significantly, Jack Labrador has emerged as a potent tool in the fight against bullying. By championing friendship, cooperation, and competition in a friendly game, it fostered an inclusive culture where differences are embraced, not ridiculed.

In the shadows of the Motor City, three seventh-grade pals have sparked a revolution, demonstrating that a simple game can wield extraordinary influence in shaping this world.

One Deck, 3 card Games.

Game 1: Motor City Showdown.

This flag ship game is non-stop, four player action that never fails to deliver fun, excitement, and competition.

Game 2: Spell My Name
It’s a fast action, heads up, race to see who can spell JACK LABRADOR first. The ultimate entry game for kids having fun.

Game 3: Pink Slip
The winner-take-all game. Perfect for friends to resolve conflict with a quick throw.

Once you go JACK, you never go back!