It all started with three grade school friends, Bob, Jack, and Darryl.

They grew up playing Rock, Paper, Scissors...all the time.

Then, during summer nights in between the college years, they played Risk, drank root beer, and ate Labrador sandwiches deep into the night.

Darryl’s old dog, a black Labrador, had the habit of dropping silent but deadlies all the time. Nothing worse than that…except for the gas from all night Risk, root beer, and Labrador sandwiches, affectionately named after Darryl’s dog.

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One fine evening, after eating Labrador sandwiches, it came time to clean up, and the three played Rock, Paper, Scissors as usual.

But this time, Jack, upset from losing yet again at Risk, threw the pinky and forefinger and exclaimed, “Jack, I win!”

Darryl then threw the pinky and exclaimed “Labrador, I win!”

Bob then said, “hey boys, I think we've got something here.”

In four minutes, they figured out that Jack beats Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock, Paper, Scissors beat Labrador. And Labrador beats Jack...for three points.

From that point on, the three never again played regular Rock, Paper, Scissors. It was JACK LABRADOR forever. Once they went JACK, they never went back.

Fast forward several decades and JACK is somewhere. Darryl is somewhere else. And Bob is stuck carrying the torch for the two new symbols and the 3-point play.

May JACK LABRADOR bless your life with endless fun, competition, and late-night Labrador sandwiches.