What do I do if my order is late or never arrives?

First, check your confirmation email for a tracking number. If there isn't one available and you're worried about the status of your package, send us an email. Also, give it 48 hours after delivery is confirmed and maybe ask your postal worker if they placed your package somewhere else. Bob will make sure you get your game! He's Bob friggin Javenous!

I don't live in the United States, do you ship the world over Bob?

Yes! Bob and his farmhands ship games the world over. Orders will usually arrive in 2 weeks or so, but could take longer depending on your shipping destination and your local customs process. Additional taxes and duties may apply to your international order—we have no control over this, so please check with the government tax man if you're unsure what they might be.

I ordered something from your store and am feeling very anxious about the delivery date. Is it possible for me to change the shipping method?

Let your anxious heart be still. All is well. You will get your deck. Send an email to oops@jacklabrador.com and a Rainy Scarecrow will take care of it.

Order Cancellations

I’d like to cancel my order. 

In thirty minutes you can cancel your order via the link in your confirmation email. After that, it will not be possible because your order has likely been packed up and sent out already; sorry if this was inconvenient!

It’s too late for me to cancel my order, but I no longer want it. 

Head over to the Returns and Exchanges section of this FAQ for more information. Or just be an adult and give it away!

Returns and Exchanges

I want to return this order.

If you want to return the greatest card game ever, okay. We get it. Not everyone can be a Hungry Bison. Just shoot an email to returns@jacklabrador.com and we'll take care of it.

How long does it take to process returns?

Once the Rainy Scarecrow 8 gets the deck back, you'll receive your refund and it'll take about a week for the refund to process and for it to show up on your payment of choice.


Incorrect or Damaged Goods

Did we send you the wrong order?

Bob is sorry and so are his farmhands who packed the order. Send an email to returns@jacklabrador.com and we'll take care of it.

Did your deck arrive all messed up?

Total bummer. If it's totally messed up, take a picture, send it to returns@jacklabrador.com and we'll have the Rainy Scarecrow 3 take a look and replace it if it's really messed up. I mean, we'll replace your deck if there's damage, but decks are meant to be played and messed up, so maybe just deal with some minor issues that may have occurred.


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