The Ultimate “I Don’t Know You But Here’s a Gift” Guide

Stuck in Secret Santa limbo? Got a distant cousin twice-removed on your gift list? Don’t sweat it. This guide is for those who draw a blank (or just can’t be bothered) when gift-giving.

You pick a name, and… who is this person? Office Secret Santas can be awkward, especially when you get someone you’ve barely spoken to.

Then we have these annual family gatherings with relatives whose names you struggle to recall. What the heck do you get someone you hardly know?

And let’s not forget that friend who’s notoriously hard to please. You know, the one who always returns gifts?

The trick is to give something engaging and slightly unique. Something that suggests, “Hey, I really thought you’d like this.”

And we all know, sometimes, you just have to gift because, well, it’s polite. It’s not about the bond; it’s about the gesture… but no one has to know that… do they?

In all these cases, you need a universally appealing, one-and-done solution. Something that screams, “I’m a thoughtful person,” even if you’re not feeling particularly thoughtful.

My Solution: Jack Labrador. The game that makes you look like you cared.

Why you ask? Well no one likes getting stuck in a game when one round could last 2 seconds. It’s fast paced, it makes people stay off their screens, it’s become my friends’ favorite solution for deciding who gets to do what and who pays the bill. It’s a card game, but much more. It’s not against humanity, it’s for it. It’s not trying to make you hate each other like all these #nomercy challenges. It’s the perfect hand size gift, 3 games, one deck, fun forever type deal…

But the real selling point for me, $20

Hack the Holidays.

Because who says you can’t fake sincerity?