Screen-Free Parenting – Choose Jack Labrador: How Jack Labrador is Reviving Old-School Family Fun

In an era when screen addiction is replacing family interaction, we offer a lifeline: Jack Labrador. By joining the #TurnDownTheScreenTurnUpJack challenge, you can rekindle quality time with your loved ones, all while having a blast.

The Screen-Time Epidemic

It’s a reality we all face: the glowing screens have taken over our lives, and even worse, the lives of our children. Studies show that excessive screen time can interfere with everything from sleep quality to academic performance. But it’s not just the kids; parents are equally to blame. Family dinners have turned into family screen time, and that’s a loss we can’t afford. Remember, you don’t get these years back.

The #TurnDownTheScreenTurnUpJack Challenge

So what’s a mom to do? It’s simple: take control, and be the change. That’s why we started the #TurnDownTheScreenTurnUpJack challenge. We invite you to dust off the old card table, gather your tribe, and engage in a game that levels the playing field between ages and brings families closer. Share your screen-free moments on social media and inspire others to do the same.

Why Jack Labrador?

So why Jack Labrador, you ask? This is no ordinary game; this is a movement. The game’s design blends strategy and luck in a manner that will keep both kids and adults engaged. It’s more than just a game; it’s a conversation starter, a way to bond, and a fun method to understand each other’s thought process. Plus, it has the added bonus of enhancing social skills and critical thinking.

The Benefits of Screen-Free Gaming

By choosing Jack Labrador over screen time, you’re opting for a list of benefits that would make any parent swoon. Imagine a home where your kids are improving their cognitive and social skills while actually having fun. Plus, think of the quality time you’re adding to your family life—time that can be spent talking, laughing, and maybe even engaging in some friendly competition.


We know it’s hard to fight the tide of digital distraction, but remember, you have a choice. You can be the mom who brings back the joys of simple, interactive fun. So are you in? Take the #TurnDownTheScreenTurnUpJack challenge, share your experiences, and let’s bring back the family game night we all miss so much.