The Mom’s Guide to a Digital Detox for Kids: How JACK LABRADOR killed Rock Paper Scissors and became your New Best Friend For Family Time

Hey moms, remember Rock-Paper-Scissors? Imagine a game that combines the addictive simplicity of the classic hand game with an engaging card format offering three games in one. Oh, and did we mention it’s also your golden ticket to quality family time and a healthy break from screen addiction? Intrigued? Let’s dig in.

We’re all aware of the surge in screen time affecting our children’s well-being. The cognitive, social, and health concerns are real. As mothers navigating this digital age, it’s hard not to fret over the alarming rise in our children’s screen time. The question of how to find balance looms large. Let’s introduce a solution that brings not just respite but a heap of benefits for the entire family—JACK LABRADOR. It’s more than a game; it’s a lifestyle choice aimed at fostering connections, boosting cognitive skills, and reducing screen time.

What is JACK LABRADOR? A Quick How-To

We know screen time is affecting our kids. Studies reveal increased screen usage is impacting children’s sleep, academic performance, and social skills. But what’s the alternative? JACK LABRADOR offers an engaging, low-tech option that challenges the mind and encourages real-life interaction

JACK LABRADOR adds spice to the Rock-Paper-Scissors dynamic with two new hand symbols—JACK and Lab. JACK, your rock n’ roll hand symbol, conquers rock, paper, and scissors. Lab, with your pinky sticking out, loses to the classics but triumphs over JACK. And if you’re playing up to 10, Lab beats JACK for a whopping 3 points!

Here’s how to play!

Let’s take a look at the two new symbols.

  • JACK beats Rock, Paper, Scissors
    Rock, Paper, Scissors beat LABRADOR
    LABRADOR beats JACK, and if you’re playing up to 10, it beats JACK for three points.

how to play run it to ten jack labrador with hand symbols

More Than Hand Gestures: A Card Game, Too!

But wait, there’s more. JACK LABRADOR isn’t just a fun hand game—it’s also a dynamic card game with three distinct games packed into one deck. Tailor your game night to fit kids of all ages and attention spans. When it comes to family games, JACK LABRADOR isn’t just another item collecting dust in your game cupboard. Plus it’s an excellent introduction to strategy, offering more than just momentary distraction.

Cognitive Gym: Boost Your Kid’s Brain

Think you need a Ph.D. to help boost your kids’ cognitive skills? Think again. The strategic elements in JACK LABRADOR can encourage quick decision-making and problem-solving skills. It’s like a gym session for your kids’ brains—only more fun and minus the sweaty socks.

So, screens down, cards up! Play JACK LABRADOR and watch the family gather, laugh, and maybe get a bit competitive. It’s the way to connect, unplug, and boost everyone’s brainpower all at once.

Moms, if you’re concerned about screen time and are seeking a viable, engaging alternative, the choice is simple: JACK LABRADOR. It’s like the ‘keto diet’ for a much needed digital detox. Its the activity that would help bring your family together. It’s family bonding, a cognitive workout, and pure fun rolled into one easy-to-learn game.

Are you ready to make JACK LABRADOR the newest member of your family circle? After all, it’s not just a game; it’s a lifestyle choice. #ChooseJACKLABRADOR #rpsisdead