Jack Labrador: The Death of Rock Paper Scissors

The Death of Rock Paper Scissors

Ah, Rock Paper Scissors. A staple of our childhood and go-to for making quick decisions. But let’s be honest, it’s like the flip phone of games—nostalgic but outdated. Meet its 21st-century upgrade: JACK LABRADOR. When was Rock Paper Scissors invented? Who cares? The future is now, and it’s called JACK LABRADOR.

The Stalemate of Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors was cool when you were 10, but now? It’s as thrilling as watching paint dry or running Java on a Windows 95 computer. JACK LABRADOR throws in fresh gameplay and new symbols, transforming a monotonous game into an exhilarating experience.

The Innovative Symbols of JACK LABRADOR

Forget the dull rock-paper-scissors trio; JACK LABRADOR introduces two new symbols that turn the game into a strategic warzone. Think Big Bang Theory’s Lizard-Spock, but cooler and more electrifying. If you don’t know them, you’re officially behind the times.

The Three-Point Play System

And if the new symbols don’t hook you, the three-point play system will. JACK LABRADOR is to Rock Paper Scissors what the NBA is to a schoolyard basketball game—more dynamics, more strategy, more thrill.

Here’s how to play!

Let’s take a look at the two new symbols.

  • JACK beats Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors beat LABRADOR
  • LABRADOR beats JACK, and if you’re playing up to 10, it beats JACK for three points.

how to play run it to ten jack labrador with hand symbols
Join the JACK LAB Challenge

Here’s a dare: play Rock Paper Scissors up to 10 with a friend. Then, do the same with JACK LABRADOR. You’ll feel the shift—the energy, the excitement, the competition. And if you were thinking of that RPS Halloween costume idea? Forget it. Being a LABRADOR is cooler. Once You Go Jack, You Never Go Back. Share your victories using #rpsidead and be part of the movement.

By this point, if you’re not convinced to switch to JACK LABRADOR, we’re concerned you might still be using Windows 95. This game is the future of quick decision-making, delivering complexity and excitement that Rock Paper Scissors could never. So stop living under a rock; pick up your JACK LABRADOR deck and join the revolution now.

“Once You Go Jack, You Never Go Back.” Take on the #JackLabChallenge and prove #rpsidead